ISP level hacking of laptop confirmed

It is now confirmed that laptop hacking is taking place at the ISP level . For example the move function for a webmail account was not working with one ISP, due to the ISP level hacking on 21/2/2017 in the morning before 8 am. So intentionally for troubleshooting another ISP connection was used on the same laptop and the move function was working properly in the afternoon.

It indicates that the DLink modem is hacked for both BSNL and Air* and an ntro/tata employee /contractor is taking control of the laptop when the Dlink modem is used and blocking activities whenever it is not convenient for these firms . This indicates the high level of malice and hatred of these employees for a harmless citizen that they are intentionally wasting the time of a harmless private citizen who has not interfered or harmed them in any way at all.

Daily the freelancer ntro employees are hacking the laptop wasting a lot of time

Email move function blocked due to ISP/NTRO hacking

If any important email is received in the spam folder, the user can use the move function to move it into the inbox so that it will not be deleted. However due to ISP/NTRO level hacking, the move function is not working and the email cannot be moved into the in box. All the mails in the spam folder are deleted after some time .The user has wasted a lot of time, trying to move the email into the inbox , yet it cannot be moved on 21 February 2017, using a 3g internet connection.
Till a few weeks ago, the move function was working properly indicating that some sophisticated hacking is being used.
Another ISP connection will be used now to check if it is a ISP specific problem. The ntro employees are getting a monthly salary, yet they are wasting a lot of time of harmless citizens, to cause losses.